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Walter Stamkart and Michel Achterberg, two friends, made it their mission to connect groups within our society. That is why they founded KunstVerbind.

Elderly and young people, for instance, hardly ever meet each other, outside their family. Yet, they can learn a lot from each other. Or laugh together!  That is what happens during KunstVerbind’s workshops. They organise these in collaboration with nursing homes and primary schools. During the workshop children and elderly people work together on a piece of art.

That concept also works for other groups. Remote teams, for example. While creating an art work, participants talk to each other, get to know each other and mutual understanding grows. In this way, Michel and Walter create a better connection between people.

Content 2 Connect thinks it is a great cause to ‘connect’ more people. Therefore I was happy to help with the design of the new website. I gave advice about the layout and wrote copy for the website. The technical design was done by Maasbeeld webdesign.

Now, the website is live, we will continue communicating through social media.
The more people learn about this project, the more we connect!

“We wanted to bring the website of the KunstVerbind Foundation to the next level. Contentwise but also with more attractive visuals and an improved navigation. During the whole project Ilse [with her company Content2Connect] proved to be in full control of the assignement. She was engaged with our foundation and the website, which showed in her proactive attitude and advice. Often, she was one step ahead of us and then allowed us enough time to work on the next step. A pleasant combination.

The content of the website was enriched with attracive and smart language. The text attract readers as it is easy to read.  The smart part is in the structure of the text, which helps readers navigate through them smoothly. Also, her choice of wording helps a lot for search optimisation.

Ilse’sadded value is her knowledge of visual and technical aspect of websites. This made the collaboration with our website designer maasbeeld.nl more smooth and precise.

If you want to ‘connect’ to your target group, we wholeheartedly recommend you Content2Connect, and Ilse in particular!”

Michel van Achterberg, KunstVerbind Foundation

Project Details

Website: KunstVerbind


  • Design website
  • Content Management
  • Web copy
  • Project Management
  • SEO