Resultancy B.V.

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Resultancy BV is a management consulting agency in the Netherlands.

For the new website I took care of content management. The owner delivered text which I complemented and edited. In doing so the text is optimized for search engines and structured according to the set-up of the website.

To tell the story of the company and its owner I collected testimonials of former and current clients.

The technical set-up of the website was done by Your Style Design.

In an adequate and pleasant way, Content2Connect turned all input of Business Resultancy and a number of testimonials in a legible text for the website, which can be better found in search engines.

In concise words Ilse describe well which services we provide. In combination with images and in collaboration with Your Style Design, Ilse has realized a coherent set of data. The personal realisation of the assignments by Arjo van Trigt are well reflected in the way Ilse characterised the service.

Equally important is that the text were created in a short time for a reasonable tariff.

A very satisfied client

Arjo van Trigt, Resultancy B.V.

Project Details

Website: Resultancy B.V.


  • Web Editing
  • Content Management
  • SEO