Vast Janszen

Content Management and renewal website

VastJanszen is an independant consultanting agency for (re)location of companies and institutions.

The owner Ingrid Janszen wanted to renew her website and asked for advice. Together a new set-up was designed and translated in a briefing. The technical set-up of the website was done by MuroMedia.

Subsequently I added text and optimized them for search engines. The new website clearly reflects what VastJanszen stands for.

Does this sound familiar: your website urgently needs to be renewed but you are reluctant to start on it?

Thinking about your vision and mission, writing concise text, possibly changing provider with all implications this entails. Equally important setting up a logical structure and hyperlinks, consistent wording, comprehensible for the laymen. Plenty of software companies are willing to make and host a new website for you, but very often they do not speak the same language you do.

How lucky I am to know Ilse. A perfect content manager. She gained a lot of experience at large companies and now started her own. Very competent, reliable, serious and very important, with a critical eye.

Drs. Ingrid Janszen MRE, Business Owner, VastJanszen

Project Details

Website: VastJanszen

Technical design: MuroMedia


  • Website Design
  • Web Editing
  • Content Management
  • SEO