ASAPCLOUD Whitepaper and product information ASAPCLOUD is an IT-provider, specialised in intelligent infrastructure solutions. Their solutions are specifically developed to support business operations, enabling clients to focus on their core business and innovation. For two of their services they requested product information. I wrote a one-pager (with product information) and a whitepaper for [...]



BizziPhone BizziPhone blogs BizziPhone provides telephone answering services and live chat support for companies and entrepreneurs. Every company has a permanent team at its disposal briefed in advanced about the company. Professionals who are trained in proactive customer contact. Since October 2018 I write their blogs (through CopyRobin). Over 50 in total. The [...]



KunstVerbind Foundation KunstVerbind website Walter Stamkart and Michel Achterberg, two friends, made it their mission to connect groups within our society. That is why they founded KunstVerbind. Elderly and young people, for instance, hardly ever meet each other, outside their family. Yet, they can learn a lot from each other. Or laugh together!  [...]



CopyRobin Content creation, editing en ghostwriting CopyRobin helps entrepreneurs grow with better texts and a constant stream of fresh, high-quality and original content. As an entrepreneur, you always have up-to-date content with affordable copywriting subscriptions. As a ghost blogger I write for various clients of CopyRobin, both B2C and B2B. The copy I [...]



Keenondots Blog, website and whitepaper Keenondots is an IT service provider, digitizing provisioning and billing of cloud services for other IT cloud service providers.   Content2Connect is Keenondots'regular journalist and wrote among other articles: texts for the new website, a whitepaper and blogs. The challenge is to find interesting subjects for their target group [...]

Benelux Chamber of Commerce Shanghai (BenCham)


Benelux Chamber of Commerce Shanghai (BenCham) Editing and project management of the Succeed And Lead in China guide In collaboration with all members of the BenCham I compiled a guide for entrepreneurs about doing business in China. All essential subjects an entrepreneur or business can run into, are dealt with: legal, financial, HR, e-commerce [...]

Resultancy BV


Resultancy B.V. Content Management website Resultancy BV is a management consulting agency in the Netherlands. For the new website I took care of content management. The owner delivered text which I complemented and edited. In doing so the text is optimized for search engines and structured according to the set-up of the website. [...]

Vast Janszen


Vast Janszen Content Management and renewal website VastJanszen is an independant consultanting agency for (re)location of companies and institutions. The owner Ingrid Janszen wanted to renew her website and asked for advice. Together a new set-up was designed and translated in a briefing. The technical set-up of the website was done by MuroMedia. Subsequently [...]

Consular Spouses Shanghai


Consular Spouses Shanghai Content Management and Migration website Consular Spouses Shanghai is an organisation for diplomatic spouses in Shanghai. Purpose of the organisation is to facilitate friendship and understanding between members and stimulate cultural exchange with Shanghai and China. Every year it organises a major charity event to give something back to the Chinese [...]