Are you too busy with your business to maintain your website? Or do you have trouble writing text? Content 2 Connect can take this off your shoulders. So you can focus on your work while you have a high quality and updated website, easy to find for potential customers.

Here under you see which services I offer. Click on one of the icons to read more about the topic you can use a hand with. You are always welcome to ask me a question without any obligation. Together we can discuss how I can help you and how much help you want.

You became an entrepreneur because you have a passion for what you do or the product you make. Being an entrepreneur means you have to take care of a million things on the side: purchasing, bookkeeping and maintaining your website. As you want to make sure your customers can find you!

If you prefer to focus on your passion or if you are just lacking time to write content, contact me. I can help you for the short or for the long term with a fixed or flexible amount of hours thats fits your budget.

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